6000 words. No vomit.

Some people call ’em blog posts. I call ’em brain spews.


The key to NaNoWriMo success, according to it’s founder Chris Baty, is not writing a bestseller, but simply writing something that ‘would not make someone vomit’. Well, after reading back through my first 6000 NaNo words today for the first time, I surprised myself. While it is by no means good or polished, it is not cringe-makingly, toe-curlingly awful, which is how it felt when I was writing it.

It is day nine of the 50’000 word challenge, so in the grand scheme of things, 6000 words is barely started. Some nutters have already beaten the 50’000 word goal and are on their way to 100’000. I take comfort in the certain fact that they neither eat nor sleep, and must have five pairs of hands to type that much.

I have my first write-in this week, so hopefully this will be a good place to bump up my word count away from distractions like an 11-month old baby who likes to climb. Everything. All the time.

Wish me luck!