So this is Christmas. And what have you done?

xmas blog

Boy Baby turns one tomorrow. This has been an unforgettable, life changing twelve months for me. This time last year I was lying in a hospital bed, pissed off that I had missed The Moo-Child’s pre-school nativity. Pissed off that her baby bro had STILL not made an appearance, despite being two weeks overdue. Pissed off that the job I had loved for twelve years was being systematically picked apart and undermined in my absence.

Since then I have given birth to my second (haha, by second I mean last) child, seen my daughter start school, been made redundant, got another job, quit that job, got a better job, sold my house, oh yeah, and written an eighty thousand word novel. I have made some new friends, and I have supported old friends through hard times, only to see them come out the other side stronger than before. I have dear friends and family who are going through stuff right now, that at any time of year would be tough, but right before Christmas seems particularly cruel, and I hope their Christmas wishes come true.

I am lucky. I know this every day when I wake up safe, warm, healthy and loved.

At times this year, it has felt like the world was hanging by a thread, and I’m sure things will only get worse before they get better. Sadly it is in human nature to destroy as much as it is to create.

This has definitely been a year of creation for me. I hope the coming twelve months see my creations, my writing and the two little humans that now inhabit my home and my heart, grow and flourish.

So a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.


Oh NaNo She Di-n’t

(Spoiler alert: no, she didn’t)

winya 1

So, 50’000 words in 30 days. 1667 words per day. Did I do it? Did I fuck.

I finished the 30th November on 24’000 words (well, 23’997, but who’s counting, right?). And, I’m gonna let you into a little secret.

Shh, come closer.

Don’t tell anyone, but I kind of cheated. And I don’t mean that I just wrote the same word over and over again 24 thousand times. I used the month to finish the project I was already writing, which is sort of frowned upon by  NaNoWriMo purists. But writing is writing as far as I’m concerned, and if it means I am 24’000 words closer to the goal of getting a novel published, then I’m proud to be a cheat.

I am so close to finishing my book it’s got exciting again. I’m over the mid-point ‘I’m a total hack and everything I’ve written is garbage’ slump, and now I’ve got the finish line in sight. Well, I say the finish line, but it’s more like a triathlon and I’m about to emerge from a seven month swim, only to jump straight on a bike and cycle in to the editing velodrome, where I will go round and round in circles until I puke or pass out and fall off my bike. Then I just have the submissions marathon to run. It’s like a normal marathon, but instead of people cheering you on and giving you jelly babies, everyone is shouting ‘You’re shit!’ and throwing rocks at you.

I can’t wait.