Oh NaNo She Di-n’t

(Spoiler alert: no, she didn’t)

winya 1

So, 50’000 words in 30 days. 1667 words per day. Did I do it? Did I fuck.

I finished the 30th November on 24’000 words (well, 23’997, but who’s counting, right?). And, I’m gonna let you into a little secret.

Shh, come closer.

Don’t tell anyone, but I kind of cheated. And I don’t mean that I just wrote the same word over and over again 24 thousand times. I used the month to finish the project I was already writing, which is sort of frowned upon by  NaNoWriMo purists. But writing is writing as far as I’m concerned, and if it means I am 24’000 words closer to the goal of getting a novel published, then I’m proud to be a cheat.

I am so close to finishing my book it’s got exciting again. I’m over the mid-point ‘I’m a total hack and everything I’ve written is garbage’ slump, and now I’ve got the finish line in sight. Well, I say the finish line, but it’s more like a triathlon and I’m about to emerge from a seven month swim, only to jump straight on a bike and cycle in to the editing velodrome, where I will go round and round in circles until I puke or pass out and fall off my bike. Then I just have the submissions marathon to run. It’s like a normal marathon, but instead of people cheering you on and giving you jelly babies, everyone is shouting ‘You’re shit!’ and throwing rocks at you.

I can’t wait.



2 thoughts on “Oh NaNo She Di-n’t

  1. Your secret is safe – I started my project a week early because, well I wanted to. The year before last I used it to write a fourth draft of an old, old idea. Sod the purists!

    Have fun with the editing, I’ve another 100,000 or so to go and I’ll be joining you.

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